Unionthai Polyplast Co., Ltd.

We offer manufacturing and plastic molding services according to your design specifications using the blow molding and injection molding processes. We produce plastic bottles, caps, plastic canisters, plastic containers, and plastic components.

Unionthai Polyplast Co., Ltd. is a leading company in the plastic packaging industry in Thailand. We operate a factory that produces plastic bottles, plastic canisters, and plastic components. As a leading manufacturer of plastic bottles, plastic canisters, and plastic packaging in Thailand, we invest in the production of blow molding and injection molding machines using cutting-edge technology. These machines are ordered and operated with computer software and automated systems. As a result, we consistently produce high-quality products.

Product categories.

Unionthai Polyplast Co., Ltd. has a diverse production line, ranging from packaging for food, chemical packaging, to plastic parts manufacturing.

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Our customers in Food and Beverage Industry

Our customers in Chemical and Parts Industry


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